How do I share my Spotify subscription?

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Are you looking for a way to enjoy Spotify for less? Have you considered subscription sharing? With diivii, it’s easier than ever! Follow this article and learn how to share your Spotify subscription or join an already existing one. 

Available Spotify subscriptions

Spotify is one of the largest streaming music providers in the world. Its business model is based on a freemium offer as well as paid subscription packages. Some of these paid offers allow account sharing. Here are some of them:

  • Spotify Duo available for €12.99/month on the advertiser’s website. With this offer, two users can listen to music freely and without advertising. This offer is eligible for subscription sharing on diivii since it allows you to share a seat and therefore divide the price by 50%.
  • Spotify Famille at €15.99/month.This offer allows 6 people to listen to music simultaneously and without advertising. If you have this offer, you can therefore allow 5 co-subscribers to join you and thus considerably dilute the price of your subscription for yourself as well as for your entourage.

The freemium offer of Spotify allows you to listen to music without a subscription. However, you will be regularly interrupted by ads. You also don’t have any customization options such as skipping music you don’t like or organizing your playlist. 

A premium offer at €9.90/month is also available but it allows only one user to listen to music. This offer is therefore not eligible for subscription sharing on diivii. Also note that the price of a Spotify subscription becomes much more attractive when co-subscribing on diivii with the Duo or Family offer!
Don’t wait any longer and share (or join) a Spotify offer on diivii!

Sharing my Spotify subscription

Share your Spotify account? It’s easy! Just follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. Log in to your account (yes, you have to start there)
  2. Click on “profile” at the top right of your screen then click on “account”.
  3. In the menu on the left of your screen, click on “Spotify Family” or “Spotify Duo” depending on the subscription you have. 
  4. Select “Add to family subscription” and then click “Invite to Spotify family subscription”.
  5. All you have to do is send the proposed link to the person you want to welcome on your subscription. 

For the newcomer on your subscription, 3 easy steps: 

  1. The new member will have to open and accept the invitation you sent them.
  2. Register if you do not have an account or log in if you have an existing one
  3. Confirm your address (which must be the same as the subscription owner’s)

Each profile is independent, so you can listen to your music, customize your profile and create your playlists as you wish without impacting another subscriber’s account. Finally, you can delete or add a new member at any time.

diivii's recommendations when sharing a Spotify account

The collaborative economy is at the heart of our business and it is what drives us every day. Trust and mutual help are the driving force behind diivii. We therefore ask you to respect the diivii and Spotify TOS when you share a subscription.

Sharing a Spotify subscription requires that the co-subscribers are related and live at the same address. Therefore, each co-subscriber will need to declare that they live at the same address as the subscriber for the sharing to work. 

Sharing a Spotify subscription is risk-free because it’s an invitation link and each user has their own login details. Each user is then free to enjoy all the music they want. 
Interactions are nevertheless possible between users, notably with the sharing of playlists which allows to discover other musical universes!

Sharing your Spotify subscription: savings in sight!

Spotify does not have a feature to split the costs between different co-subscribers. That’s why diivii exists!

You have two possibilities for sharing your Spotify account: 

  1. On the diivii marketplace: Your subscription is accessible to the whole community. You will have the option to accept or decline any co-subscription request you receive. 
  2. By invitation link: Sharing your Spotify account can also be done by invitation link (diivii card) that you can send to your friends! 

By sharing your Spotify account with your friends and family, you’re giving them the benefit of a service while splitting the cost between each co-subscriber. Isn’t life great?

The benefits of subscription sharing with diivii?

As all-subscription services continue to grow, the burden of subscription bills continues to increase for households. This is why diivii relies on the strength of the collective to alleviate this problem. 

If you share your Spotify subscription on diivii : 

  1. Spotify Duo: You will be 2 users to enjoy the service and pay €6.5/month instead of €12.99/month, a saving of more than €78 per year!
  2. Spotify Family: 6 people can enjoy the service and save up to €159.9 per year!

Many similar platforms are available on diivii such as Apple Music and Deezer, as well as many others like Netflix, Disney+, Bitdefender, NordVPN, and so on…

So what are you waiting for? Go to diivii to start sharing more to enjoy more! 


2 users max.


per month

you save



6 users max.


per month

you save